The Choice to Remain Free

A person who is obsessed with controlling their partner is emotionally and mentally abusive, and resistance to their control may escalate to the level of physical abuse. Escaping this type of relationship may leave a person upset at the thought of being in another relationship. Mature reflection will show them that most people will not want to control them. It does take time to get over this type of shocking experience, and putting off dating is a good idea. It gives the previously abused person a chance to find their center before moving on with their life.

Controlling people often give their partners a complex set of rules to follow, and these rules also apply to the physical intimacy shared by the couple. After this type of control, many people are terrified to experience physical intimacy with another person. Their fear is that there will be rules as well as punishment if those rules are broken. Fuck buddies have few rules and might be a good place for the newly freed person to experience physical intimacy.

When the need for physical release occurs, it is important for any person to be ready with a selection of options. Choosing a fuck buddy is a good way to prepare for this inevitable human need. Buddies have few rules, but their main one is no emotional attachments. A relationship is not the goal with this type of person, only relief of an intimate nature.

Choosing a partner for no strings attached sex could be a good first step to realizing total freedom from a previous relationship. If the person does not want to get emotionally involved again, this gives them a choice to live their life in a way that might just suit them perfectly because they will never suffer in a relationship again.